Gastroparesis in Young Children

The website contains an article on gastroparesis in children. In the article, author R.Maclean says that approximately half of all babies with reflux will also have gastroparesis, or delayed gastric emptying.

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High Tech SmartPill Helps Diagnose Gastroparesis

The SmartPill is a single-use, ingestible capsule that uses sensor technology to measure pressure, pH and temperature throughout the entire GI tract. The vitamin-sized SmartPill measures and provides data for gastric emptying time, small bowel transit time, colonic transit time, combined small and large bowel transit time and whole gut transit time.

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The Impact of Stress on Gastroparesis

Anyone with gastroparesis (GP) can tell you that stress has an impact on their gastroparesis symptoms, and may interfere with the effectiveness of their gastroparesis medication. Health Counsellor Crystal Saltrelli, a GP patient herself, has a video on her website,, containing useful information specifically about stress and GP.

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Breastfeeding Reduces Risk of Childhood Allergies

Breastfeeding your infant for 4 to 6 months after birth has been shown to reduce the child's risk for both eczema and cow's milk allergy, according to Prof. Halken, Chair of the 2011 Pediatric Allergy and Asthma Meeting.

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Memories of Milk-Filled Mammaries

Just over a year ago, a wrinkly red face squinted up at me after being unceremoniously yanked out of my body and plopped onto my chest. Within a few sweet seconds, my daughter latched properly and with purpose onto my right breast and fed herself her first food outside the womb. That moment, so simple and natural, was also the beginning of a much bigger journey that we started on that beautiful September morning.

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Drugs to Increase Lactation

Two hormones are necessary for the production of breast milk: oxytocin and prolactin. These lactation-governing hormones are pituitary, not ovarian hormones (such as oestrogen). There are currently no human prolactin medications available, but generic domperidone (brand name Motilium) is a drug which has, as a side effect, the increased production of the hormone prolactin by the pituitary gland. This helps develop a more abundant milk supply more quickly, as prolactin is the hormone which stimulates the cells in the mother's breast to produce milk.

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Your Guts vs. Gastroparesis

So your doctor has confirmed you have gastroparesis. Whether the diagnosis came after a long frustrating and uncomfortable search for the answer, or if your MD had a correct hunch and you won the medical answer lottery, the fact remains - your stomach is taking its sweet time emptying its contents.

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Health and Nutrition Counsellor Specializes in Treating Gastroparesis

Crystal Saltrelli is a gastroparesis specialist. Diagnosed with idiopathic (no clear cause) gastroparesis at age 23 in 2004, she decided she had to become her own "expert" on gastroparesis treatment. She went on to become a Certified Health and Nutrition Counsellor, and now specializes in helping other people with gastroparesis.

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Substance in Breast Milk Kills Cancer Cells

A substance found in breast milk has been shown to kill cancer cells. The naturally occurring substance is a mixture of a protein and a fatty acid. Researchers are calling the substance HAMLET (Human Alpha-lactalbumin Made LEthal to Tumour cells).

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