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Five Ways to avoid Digestion Disasters

June 28, 2011 by Estella     0

A good old fashioned gut ache is one ailment that leaves you debilitated, a lump of flesh laying on the couch, clutching yourself and cursing every single centimeter of your intestinal tract. Today's hustle-bustle living, where eating is often done on the run, with little to no thought, is a prescription for digestion disaster. Here now are five ways to avoid your stomach exacting sweet revenge on you, and to help make digestion a dream.

1. Choose Foods Wisely

Stop, drop the Big Mac and roll out of McDonald's. Adding as many of the following foods as possible to your daily routine will help reduce the discomfort of indigestion, bloating, gas, heartburn and other problems caused by high-fat or fried foods that take a long time to digest. Choose lean meats with all visible fat trimmed off and skinless poultry. Substitute low-fat or fat-free dairy products for whole-milk items. Eat egg whites or egg substitutes instead of whole eggs. Substitute olive or canola oils for cooking additives. Choose low-fat or nonfat snacks instead of sweets high in saturated or trans fats. Avoid all foods with trans fats, found in many processed foods and fried foods in restaurants. For a natural fiber kick that can also help lower cholesterol, choose whole grains, found in whole wheat and multigrain bread, and other fiber-rich foods like dark green leafy vegetables, peaches, pears, seeds and nuts.

2. Love your Liquids

Your body contains anywhere from 55% to 78% water. The earth is 70% water. So basically water is awesome and important. Don't just take it from me - according to the Mayo Clinic, drinking water during or after a meal as well as throughout the day can improve digestion because it helps break down food and move it through the system. As well, sipping on a hot tea that contains chamomile, lemon or ginger can help soothe an upset stomach.

3. Slow Down

If you eat slowly in a calm, relaxed environment, your digestive system will also be relaxed and calm. If you eat a large meal quickly while doing twelve other tasks, the following results can happen - Adrenaline, which is produced by your body when you are under stress, slows down the flow of blood to the stomach, relaxing the muscles and intestines and causing digestion to become sluggish. If you don't have the time to sit and enjoy your meal but are famished, have a small snack instead or find a way to relax before you sit down to eat.

4. Walk It Out

After you've put the fork down and given yourself 30 minutes to settle your stomach, strap on your athletic shoes and go for a stroll. Basically, when your body moves, digestion speeds up. A 10-minute walk will do the trick; you don't need to move too quickly or spend too much energy. Admire the neighbor's new flowerbeds or take Rover for a bathroom break and then head home to do the dinner dishes.

5. Pop Pills

If you've tried all of the above tips, but are consistently experiencing stomach discomfort, talk to your doctor. They may diagnose you with the stomach ailment, gastroparesis. This is a condition that reduces the ability of the stomach to empty its contents, even when there is no blockage. They may prescribe the medication domperidone for gastroparesis. Domperidone, the generic form of the medication Motilium, has been found effective in the treatment of gastroparesis. Readily available in Canada, you can purchase domperidone online from a licensed Canadian mail order pharmacy. From the natural approach to the medicinal tactic, the above advice should ensure your stomach stays sweet.

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