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How Domperidone Stops Nausea and Vomiting

September 2, 2011 by Lynn     0

Anti-nausea pill earrings
Anti-nausea pill earrings
Domperidone is an antiemetic (anti-sickness) medication. Domperidone (or name brand Motilium) is used to stop bouts of nausea and vomiting in adults and children, and to relieve stomach discomfort such as bloating, feeling "full", and regurgitation of stomach contents (reflux or heartburn) in adults.

Domperidone belongs to a class of medications called dopamine antagonists (dopamine is an important neurotransmitter - a brain chemical that transfer messages). Domperidone combats nausea and bloating in two ways:

1. It blocks dopamine receptors in the upper end of the digestive system, which causes the muscles at the entry to the stomach to tighten, the muscles at the stomach exit to relax, and contractions of the stomach muscles to increase. The combination of these actions speeds the passage of food through the stomach and into the intestine, relieving nausea and bloating. The accelerated movement through the digestive system also prevents the stomach contents from backing up into the food pipe and causing reflux (heartburn).

2. Domperidone also blocks dopamine receptors in a trigger zone of the brain, preventing nausea messages from getting through from the brain to the gut and activating the vomiting reflex.

The dual domperidone mechanism of action leads most doctors to prescribe domperidone for gastroparesis, or delayed stomach emptying. Domperidone is also commonly used to prevent and relieve the nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy treatments for cancer, the "morning after pill" emergency contraception, and medications to treat Parkinson's disease.

The gastrointestinal medication is also prescribed to combat the nausea and vomiting that frequently accompany a migraine headache. Domperidone may also increase the speed of absorption of other migraine medications such as acetaminophen, hastening its effectiveness.

Domperidone is also available as a suppository for those who have trouble swallowing pills or are too nauseous to hold oral medication down. Prescription domperidone should be taken before meals for more rapid effectiveness. It should not be taken along with an anti-fungal medication such as ketaconazole, which may interfere with the breakdown of domperidone in the liver.

Domperidone, which is currently unavailable in the United States, is associated with fewer adverse effects than similar antiemetics. One unusual side effect is an increase in production of prolactin, a hormone which stimulates milk production in nursing women. As a result, the off-label use of domperidone for breastfeeding is being increasingly endorsed by lactation consultants and other health care professionals.

You can order domperidone from Canada through an online Canadian pharmacy with a valid Motilium or generic domperidone prescription.

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