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I Have Gastroparesis Online Support Group

September 19, 2011 by Admin     1

from Experience Project
from Experience Project
The Experience Project website calls itself "the largest living collection of shared experiences", telling visitors, "This is your place to connect, explore and share the experiences that matter most to you." The site claims to share over 8 million life stories and experiences.

The Experience Project hosts numerous free "experience groups", including an anonymous online support group for gastroparesis sufferers called I Have Gastroparesis. This portion of the site contains hundreds of true stories and experiences from actual gastroparesis patients, along with advice and an active discussion forum.

In the discussion forum, members talk about their diagnosis, their symptoms, their complications, and their gastroparesis treatment successes and failures, including the use of medications likedomperidone for gastroparesis.

To visit the I Have Gastroparesis experience group and browse through forum posts written by members of the gastroparesis community, Click Here.<

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Dorothy Simmons says at 2011-10-05 16:35:31:
My doctor did not tell me that gastroparesis could make me feel tired all the time.After I was prescribed domperidone and was on it a few weeks,I began to have more engery and did not stay sleepy all the time.My doctor never told me gastroparesis could cause the problems I was having.

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