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Nursing Moms are Mother Tigers

September 9, 2011 by John     0

Mother & Tiger
Mother & Tiger
According to recent research, breastfeeding mothers protect their babies and themselves more aggressively than mothers who bottle-feed, or women without children. The study of 18 nursing mothers, 17 formula-feeding mothers and 20 non-mothers also found that aggression in breastfeeding moms is associated with reduced blood pressure.

Noting that mothers in numerous species exhibit heightened aggression in defense of their young when lactating, researchers from the University of California conducted a study to see if human mothers displayed similar increased aggressiveness when nursing.

Results were consistent with those observed in animals. While the benefits of breastfeeding for infants are well-known, the buffering effect of breastfeeding on stress responses and blood pressure for nursing moms was not. To read more about the study on MedicineNet.com, >Click Here.<

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